Practical Solutions to Water Conflict





This non-traditional, online water resources course, explores tools, models, and applies collaborative decision-making processes to water resource management. It’s a course that provides practical solutions to help manage water conflict. Emphasis is on self-directed practical application of community-based natural resources.

Why take this training?
Take this course to more effectively communicate with public stakeholders and government agencies; to practice collaborative problem solving; to learn how to effectively administer and evaluate collaborative processes; and to hone the skill of relationship building.

Who should take this course?
This course is particularly geared towards those with little experience with collaborative decision-making and those looking to increase their knowledge and skill set in this area. This class will be beneficial to those who plan on or are currently participating in a collaborative group setting, such as watershed groups, as either stakeholder or natural resource agency representatives.

What will you learn?
Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Have working knowledge of methods and tools used in collaborative decision-making processes;
  • Identify how perceptions and attitudes can effect collaborative experiences;
  • Have a basic grasp of concepts such as environmental justice, traditional ecological knowledge and community-based natural resource management,
  • Develop an intellectual framework for discussing roles of collaboration and how decisions are made within natural resources, detailing primary factors such as public involvement in decision-making, governance, and the role of science.
  • Apply collaborative decision-making processes to water resources management.

All participants must have a bachelor’s degree.
Upon completion all participants will receive three (3) Oregon State University graduate credits.

Interested in this course?
Please contact the Instructor.





Jenna Tilt, Ph.D.
Oregon State University, Corvallis,
Oregon, USA
E-mail: tiltj@onid.orst.edu

Collaborating Partners

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