Jennifer C. Veilleux, PhD
Room 204, Terra Cognita Laboratory, Wilkinson Hall
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Phone: 541.740.9921
Voicemail: 202.316.7111


Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                                                     
Ph.D. Geography
                                                            GPA 3.80                                2014

University of New Haven, West Haven, CT
M.S., Environmental Science                                        GPA 3.89                                2006

University of New Haven, West Haven, CT
B.S., Environmental Science Magna Cum Laude     GPA 3.78                                2003

Naugatuck Valley Community College, Waterbury, CT
A.A., Liberal Arts Magna Cum Laude,                           GPA 3.74                                2001


Water Conflict Mediation
Oregon State University                                                                                                     2014

Water Security Short Course
University of East Anglia, UK                                                                                            2013

Professional Experience

Lead Researcher, Webmaster & Database Manager
Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD)
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                                                                       2010-Present
Manage large datasets in Excel, Access, and ArcGIS formats. Lead research group of graduate students and visiting researchers as well as a team of undergraduate research interns. Design new analysis projects, create maps, conduct spatial analysis, update existing projects, and integrate new databases to the TFDD. Update and manage website pages. Supply database information and products to customers including the World Bank, United Nations, US Government, domestic and international universities, and media for film and print publications.

Water Advisor
The Nile Project                                                                                                             2013-2014
Advise and help develop Nile Project strategy toward inclusion of water resources issues for university educational programs. Coordinate with 2015 US University Tours on workshop and coursework ideas.

Teaching Assistant
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                                                                       2010-2013
Lectured on and graded for Introduction to Water Science and Policy Course GEO/CSS 335. Assisted and mentored students in developing research and writing skills.

Nile River Basin Political Economic Report
World Bank, Washington, DC                                                                                       2013
            Coauthored report on the political economies in Nile River basin.

Resident Scholar
Naga House, Mekong River Research Institute, Vientaine, Laos, PDR                   2013

Resident Scholar Institute of Water and Watersheds, IWMI
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia                                                                                                   2012

Geospatial Analyst
Environmental and Economic Security Division
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC                                        2007 – 2010
Conducted research and analysis on classified platforms to include remote sensing and ArcGIS mapping. Authored and presented over 30 papers, reports, and briefs on international
environmental and economic security issues on topics of global climate change, water resources, energy, and food security. Served as liaison to other US Government Agencies.

Research Support Specialist & Associate Editor
National Defense University Press & the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
National Defense University, Washington, DC                                                             2006 – 2007
Researched topics related to national defense and international relations for INSS. Served as copy-editor for Joint Force Quarterly. Assisted edits for manuscripts, managed and
coordinated intern team, and acted as liaison for security and classification reviews through the Director of National Intelligence offices and Library of Congress.

Renewable Energy Associate Analyst
Bright Power, Inc, New York, NY                                                                               2005 – 2006
Researched, wrote, and edited white papers on solar and renewable energy technology, energy efficiency for urban environments, education, and applicable markets. Contributed to project management, event planning, site investigations, and community outreach. Led international business partnering. Managed taxes, payroll, client and project databases, billing, record keeping, and in-house library. Developed international business contacts.

Editorial Intern         
E/The Environmental Magazine, Norwalk, CT                                                                2005
Composed stories <700 words, book reviews, product reviews, and news briefs. Conducted interviews, research, and maintained web-based information.  

Prespa Park Project
United Nations Development Programme, Republic of Macedonia                            2004
Led fieldwork team, conducted stakeholder interviews, and trained local Albanian and Macedonian staff on environmental assessments. Contributed to report writing, grant proposal development, and organization of a donor conference.

Resident Fellow Central European University, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Department of Environmental Policy and Sciences, Budapest, Hungary                    2003/2004

Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
University of New Haven, West Haven, CT                                                                2002 – 2003
Assistant Editor for International Politics journal. Organized the University’s Global Issues Symposia Series. Identified and invited speakers, handled marketing and logistics. Organized bimonthly Global Studies Program faculty-based committee to establish a new university program of the same name; and a grant workshop for University Faculty.

Research Projects

Countries at Risk Project
Funding: Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database, Oregon State University
Global Assessment
Post-doc Research Project Lead
Led research team to assess and analyze global datasets of countries and transboundary water basins. Using a variety of qualitative and quantitative data research methods, we assessed the human security state of political, environmental, social, and economic information and water resources information on each country. We built five case studies for further analysis through geospatial mapping using ArcGIS. Served as lead author on subsequent paper and presentations at professional conferences.

Human Security Dimensions of Dam Development at Three Scales
Funding: Gray Family Fund for Geographers
Ethiopia and Laos, PDR
Ph.D. Research and Fieldwork                                                                                2012-2014
Conducted 10 months of fieldwork, led a research team, worked closely with host country governments, NGOs, and civil society. Collected more than 110 qualitative interviews in Ethiopia and Laos from urban and rural affected community members. Mapped and analyzed the international basin using secondary data sources from the United Nations. Developed an analysis tool to compare across scale and across data collection method called the Human Security Key.

Third Party Efficacy in Transboundary Watershed Management
Funding: National Security Education Program/Boren Fellowship, $14,500
Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Greece, and Hungary
M.S. Research and Fieldwork                                                                                          2003 – 2004
Conducted 12 months of research in the Lake Ohrid Watershed and collected more than 75 qualitative interviews with stakeholders for my thesis. Was hosted by and presented at Central European University’s Environmental Sciences and Policy Department and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary. Studied Macedonian language.

Land-use Changes Through Three Generations
Funding: Gerace Research Center, $2500
San Salvador (Island), Bahamas
B.S. Research and Fieldwork                                                                                         2003
Conducted field interviews with 12 local stakeholders on land-use changes over lifetime through oral history storytelling.


Presentation:  Local Scale Impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Xayaburi Dam
Location:         2014 Geography Day,Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Presentation: Human Security Dimensions of Dam Development and Case Studies
Location:         2014 PhD Public Defense, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Presentation: Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
Location:         2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Presentation: Human Security Dimensions of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
Location:         2014 American Association of Geographers Conference, Tampa, FL

Presentation:  Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Xayaburi Dam Human Security Analysis
Location:         2013 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, New Campus East, Washington, DC

Presentation: Human Security Dimensions of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam              
Location:         2012 Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Presentation:  Human Security Dimensions of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam              
Location:         2012 Wondo Ganet College, Wondo Ganet, Ethiopia

Presentation: Field Methods
Location:        2012 Wondo Ganet College, Wondo Ganet, Ethiopia

Presentation: Resilience Theory and the Columbia River Treaty Renegotiation            
Location:        2011 American Association of Geographers Conference, Seattle, WA

Presentation: Human Geography of Water Security            
Location:        2011 National Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation, Washington, DC

Presentation:  Lake Ohrid Watershed International Management                        
Location:         2004 University of New Haven, West Haven, CT

Presentation:  Lake Ohrid Watershed International Management                        
Location:         2004 Central European University, Budapest, Hungary


Veilleux, Jennifer C., Garrett Sullivan, Christopher Paola, Anna Stargel, Young Ji Hwang, Jessica Ann Picucci, Chong Seok Choi, Julie Elkins Watson expected 2015. Countries at Risk: heightened risk to states with transboundary water resources and human security instability.

Veilleux, Jennifer C. expected 2015. How Will the Renaissance Dam Impact Peace? Edited Volume, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada.

Veilleux, Jennifer C. expected 2015. Is the Mekong River Resource a Potential for Conflict in the Region? Edited Volume, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada.

Wolf, Aaron T., Jacob Petersen-Perlman, Jennifer C. Veilleux, Julie E. Watson. 2014. The Context for Cooperation in the Nile River Basin: A Brief Political Economy Analysis. Oregon State University, World Bank-Nile Basin Trust Fund. October 10, 2013.

Veilleux, Jennifer C., Matthew Zentner, Aaron Wolf. 2014. The Relationship Between Freshwater Resources, Socio-Cultural Dynamics, and Geopolitical Stability. USGIF Monograph Series #1: Challenges of Socio-Cultural Dynamics for Global Security. Chapter 3.2

Veilleux, Jennifer C.. 2013. The Human Security Dimensions of Dam Development: The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance DamGlobal Dialogue Volume 15, Number 2, Summer/Autumn 2013—Water: Cooperation or Conflict?

Petersen-Perlman, Jacob, Jennifer C. Veilleux, Matthew Zentner, Aaron T. Wolf. 2012 Case Studies on Water Security: Analysis of System Complexity and the Role of InstitutionsJournal of Contemporary Water Research and Education (JCWRE), 149 (1), 4-12. December 2012.



  • Gray Family Fund for Geography, 2012
  • Muckleston Award, 2011
  • United States Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation, 2010, 2011
  • NSEP, Boren Fellowship, 2003-2004
  • University of New Haven Presidential Award, 2003
  • Wives of the Rotary Club, 2001


American Geophysical Union, American Water Resources Association, Mediators Beyond Borders, American Association of Geographers

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