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Giordano, Meredith. 2003. "Managing the Quality of Transboundary Rivers: International Principles and Basin-level Practice." Natural Resources Journal 43 (1): 111-136.[PDF file]

Population and development pressures combined with changing regional values have intensified competition for global freshwater stocks, raising concerns of expanded conflicts over scarce water resources. At the international scale, water supply and allocation are frequently cited as the primary sources of tension, yet significant vulnerabilities also exist in terms of water quality management. The vast majority of the world's international basins are without any type of water quality institution, and, even where such institutions do exist, a general lack of substantive language and full basin participation likely minimizetheir ultimate effectiveness. To foster greater co-riparian cooperation, the international community has concentrated on the development of generalized, global principles of water quality management. More attention to the specific institution building needs at the basin level, however, may be needed.