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Baltutis, J. 2009. Fairness and Equity in Transboundary Water Resources: A Comparative Analysis of the TWO Analysis and WAS Models as applied to the Jordan River Basin. The London School of Economics and Political Science, Master's Thesis. [PDF file]


The purpose of this paper is to analyze two conceptual river basin optimization models, the Water Allocation System (WAS) and the Transboundary Waters Opportunity (TWO) Analysis. The interest in this subject stems from two considerations: the asymmetrical relationship between Israel and Palestine over the shared waters of the Jordan River basin, and the potential for water resources in the basin to be distributed in a fair and equitable manner. Through an analysis of the two models, the paper will pose the question: to what extent does the outcome of the WAS and TWO models result in a fair and equitable allocation of water for Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories?