The Water Component of the Peace Process Between the Israelis and the Palestinians

Allison Berland, Master's Thesis
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University
MALD, Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
May 2000



II. CHAPTER ONE: Politics of the Jordan Watershed

Unilateral Development of the Jordan
The Johnston Negotiations
1967: The Six Day War
The Intifada and the end of the Cold War

III. CHAPTER TWO: Water Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians

The Madrid Conference
Water, Sovereignty and Power
Source of Dispute: Groundwater
Palestinian position: water rights first
Israel's position: focus on management of water resources
The Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources
Analysis of Working Group on Water

IV. CHAPTER THREE: The Israeli-Palestinian Water Accords

Principles of the Water Accords
Institutions created by the Water Accords
Implementation of the Water Accords
The Role of Foreign Assistance in Implementing the Water Accords
Analysis of the Implementation of the Water Accords
Lessons from Academic Research

V. CHAPTER FOUR: Lessons Learned from the Israeli-Jordanian Water Agreement

Israeli-Jordanian Water Agreement
Implementation of the Agreement

VI. Conclusions

VII. Appendices

VIII. Bibliography

Collaborating Partners

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