The Management of Water Resources series

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Series Editor: Charles W. Howe, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Professional Staff, Environment and Behavior Program, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Water resources today command broad regional, national and international attention. Water plays a crucial role in economic development, environmental management and the general quality of life in all parts of the world. International bodies are currently addressing pervasive water problems, including the policing of international rivers, the resolution of increasing conflict over limited supplies, the role of dams in water management, etc.

This series of five books summarizes the economics and management of water resources in five main areas: climate change and its potential impact on water systems; the role of water in economic development; the impact of irrigated agriculture on the environment; the economics of industrial water use; and conflict prevention and resolution in water systems.

Citation: Howe, C.W. (Ed.). 2002. The Management of Water Resources Series. Cheltenham, UK: Elgar.

Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Water Systems

Editor: Aaron T. Wolf, Associate Professor of Geography, Department of Geosciences at Oregon State University, USA.

This important collection reprints the most significant papers and case studies on the prevention and resolution of conflict over water resources. It focuses in particular on the human dynamics that are involved when conflicts over water resources impact on different interest groups, economic sectors and legal or political boundaries. It addresses key issues which arise at both the local and the international level, including amongst others: How do people interact in these situations of conflict? What methods do they use to find a compromise? What institutions do they create - either jointly or unilaterally - to help overcome problems in the future?

This interdisciplinary collection will be essential reading for professional water practitioners throughout the world, including engineers, economists, geographers, geologists, and political scientists concerned with water disputes and conflict resolution. It will make a significant contribution to the study of water as an essential theme in the increasingly important topic of environmental security.

Title page | Table of Contents | Introduction

Citation: Wolf, A. (Ed.). 2002. Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Water Systems. In The Management of Water Resources series (Ed. C.W. Howe). Cheltenham, UK: Elgar.


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