International River Basin Organization (RBO) Database

The International RBO Database has been created by Susanne Schmeier as part of her PhD research [link to the book]. It compliments and expands previous work on RBOs associated with the TFDD. This previous work includes research by Marloes Bakker as part of her PhD [link to thesis]. Also, the comprehensive case study River Basin Organizations [PDF] by Jerome Delli Priscoli provides information on RBOs from each continent.

The RBO Database provides detailed information about over 120 international river basin organizations around the world. The comprehensive information includes functional scope, decision making and information sharing mechanisms, dispute resolution mechanisms, funding and cost sharing mechanisms, as well as public participation mechanisms, and many other parameters. Click here for a more comprehensive description and links to support documents.

This database is a work in progress, and we invite observations and additional entries. Please contact Aaron Wolf with comments or new/missing organizations or institutional design features of RBOs. For questions concerning the functional operation of the database, please contact Melissa McCracken. For questions on the RBO Database itself, please contact Susanne Schmeier.

Wide use of electronic and hardcopy versions of data, GIS coverages, and findings produced by the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (TFDD) project is encouraged.  The data, coverages, and findings are not copyrighted, although due credit is appreciated.  Please attach this credit when citing TFDD products:

“Product of Dr. Susanne Schmeier and the Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database, Oregon State University.  Additional information about the TFDD can be found at: <>.”

If the product is to be used on the web, a hot link to the above address would be appreciated.

For questions, please contact the webmaster.

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