Basins at Risk

The Basins at Risk project (BAR) addressed a series of overarching gaps in research on freshwater resources and international conflict by providing a quantitative, global scale exploration of the relationship between freshwater resources and conflict. The project incorporated a spatial perspective and considered the full spectrum of interactions, using precise definitions of conflict and cooperation. The purpose of the research was to identify historical indicators of international freshwater conflict and cooperation and, from them, create a framework to identify and evaluate international river basins at potential risk for future freshwater conflict.

Completion of the BAR project required three main elements: creation of an event database documenting historical water relations, including a methodology for identifying and classifying events by their intensity of cooperation and conflict; construction of a geographic information system (GIS) of countries and international basins, both current and historical; and the collection or creation of indicator variables (biophysical, socioeconomic, and geopolitical) for testing of hypotheses about factors associated with water conflict.

Table of Contents

Title and Acknowledgements | PDF Format*

Chapter 1: Introduction | PDF
Author: Shira Yoffe

Chapter 2: Water Event Database Methodology | PDF
Authors: Shira Yoffe and Kelli Larson

Chapter 3: Use of GIS for Analysis of Indicators of Conflict and Cooperation Over International Freshwater Resources | PDF
Authors: Shira Yoffe and Greg Fiske

Chapter 4: Conflict and Cooperation Over International Freshwater Resources: Indicators and Findings of the Basins at Risk Project | PDF
Authors: Shira Yoffe, Aaron T. Wolf, and Mark Giordano

Chapter 5: Conclusion | PDF
Author: Shira Yoffe

Bibliography | PDF

List of appendices:

Appendix 1: Field Descriptions for Event Database | PDF
Appendix 2: Changes to TFDD Basin Coverages | PDF
Appendix 3: GIS Data Calculated By BAR | PDF
Appendix 4: Events By Basin | PDF
Appendix 5: Events by Dyad | PDF
Appendix 6: Approach to Initial Indicator Selection | PDF
Appendix 7: List of GIS and Other Data Layers | PDF
Appendix 8: Precipitation Data Methodology | PDF
Appendix 9: Derivation of Climate ZoneS By Basin | PDF
Appendix 10: Codes and Regional Groupings | PDF
Appendix 11: Active Nationalist Movements | PDF
Appendix 12: Statistical Graphs | PDF
Appendix 13: Data Tables Identifying Basins At Risk | PDF

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