Introduction to case studies

Adapted from a recently published book, cited below:

Wolf, Aaron T. and Joshua T. Newton. 2008. "Case Studies of Transboundary Dispute Resolution." Appendix C in, Delli Priscoli, Jerry and Aaron T. Wolf. Managing and Transforming Water Conflicts. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

The purpose of this document is to review the literature on water disputes and related water treaties to gain an understanding of why previous and current disputes over water have occurred and to seek out lessons to be learned in preventing similar future disputes. This work focuses on transboundary freshwaters.

The case studies themselves consist of hundreds of primary and secondary documents which we hope eventually to make web accessible. In the meantime, brief summaries of the processes of conflict resolution are offered here for comparative purposes.


Danube (Europe) [PDF]
Euphrates-Tigris (Asia) [PDF]
Ganges (Asia) [PDF]
Indus (Asia) [PDF]
Jordan (including West Bank aquifers)(Asia) [PDF]
Kura-Araks (Asia) [PDF]
La Plata (South America) [PDF]
Mekong (Asia) PDF
Middle East (Asia) [PDF]
Nile (Africa) [PDF]
Salween (Asia) [PDF]
Senegal (Africa) [PDF]

Aquifer Systems

Guarani aquifer (South America) [PDF]
US-Mexico aquifers (North America) [PDF]
West Bank aquifers (included with Jordan watershed) (Asia) [PDF]


Aral Sea (Asia) [PDF]
Great Lakes (North America) [PDF]
Lake Titicaca (South America) [PDF]

Engineering Works

Lesotho Highlands Project (Africa) [PDF]

Subject Case Studies

River Basins Organizations [PDF]
International Water Pricing [PDF]

Collaborating Partners

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