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Water Governance and Conflict Management 2012


June 18-22, 2012
Kearney Hall, Room 312
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon



WolfAaron T. Wolf, Ph.D.
Project Director
Program in Water Conflict Management and Transformation
Oregon State University
Department of Geosciences


JarvisTodd Jarvis, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Institute of Water and Watersheds (IWW)
Oregon State University


"The trip to Corvallis was definitely worth the time and effort.  It's opened my eye to whole new way of looking at (and addressing) water issues in my line of work as well as the broader applications of learning more about conflict and group dynamics, etc.  I was apprehensive about being the "old guy" amongst the students but I think this settled out quickly once I realized that most of them knew way more than me about the subject matter! Both you and Aaron are great profs!" --On-Campus Student, 2011

Course Description:

This Water Governance and Conflict Management course offers an opportunity for water resources professionals and graduate students to learn about current and leading-edge ways to work effectively in contentious water situations. It explores conflict tolerance, prevention, management, and transformation through collaborative structures as well as through models of negotiation and dialogue.

The week-long course emphasizes experiential learning. Class offers a place to learn and practice new skills that are applicable from the individual level to the societal level and across a range of real-life situations. Additionally, the course helps students understand just how creative, messy and inelegant workable solutions are likely to be.

Participants can choose to receive three (3) Oregon State University graduate credits or Continuing Education Credits.


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